Psy's new video for "Daddy" gets almost 4 million views on day 1!
Don't know if this will have quite the success that "Gangnam Style" had but it is off to a great start. Psy's new video for the song "Daddy" has been viewed almost 4 million times in 1 day! If you haven't seen it yet here it is:    ...

Newswatch Updates

Port Hope searches for missing man
A large scale search is underway in Port Hope tonight for a missing 76-year-old man. A helicopter and a k-9 unit are being used and several emergency response team members are assisting in the search for John McKeen of County Road 2. Police say the man suffers from dementia, and has been missing since about 1:30 this afternoon. They say they are concerned for the man's safety as temperatures have dipped below the freezing mark. He's described as a white male, with grey hair in a  brush cut. He...

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