Need A Smile?? Try NOT To Laugh At This!
Yawns are contagious. Laughs are too right?! They seem to be in this video I stumbled across on Facebook last night. I was laughing my butt off in the first 15 seconds!! Try to watch this without cracking a smile!! From The Fun Post on Facebook.

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Belmont Lake Brewery fermenting early success
Something new is brewing on Belmont Lake. Sarah Deeth takes a look at a local brewery that's selling more beer than it can make: This nano brewery north of Havelock is open for business and the beer is being purchased, faster than they can produce it. Belmont Lake Brewery started out as a bit of a hobby for operators Julie and Norrie Bearcroft brewing the good stuff from their laundry room for a few thirsty neighbours. And after a little encouragement, they decided to take their suds...

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