Hey, Joey. Your Friend Is Really Pun-ny
Ask any stand-up comedian - - some crowds are just really tough. This stand-up wannabe has tested (and recorded) some his finest material on his his friend, Joey. I think he finally got a chuckle near the end!  ...

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Mom 2 Mom sale organizer says, 'someone is trying to sabotage the event'
The "Mom 2 Mom sale" is a great way for parents to get together with their kids and have some fun. It's also  chance to sell and exchange household items at a fair price --think of it as a hybrid between a yard-sale and fun fair. But the organizer of the sale believes someone is trying to sabotage the event. After spending 4 hours putting up 60 signs around the city to promote the event, Karri Dalton-Hall says someone has been going around and tearing the signs down. The Peterborough Mom...

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