(VIDEO) Kamloops Cop Surprises Bar Patrons With Stunning Karaoke Performance!
  When patrons of Central Station Pub in Kamloops (BC) saw constable Kevin Roy grab the mic the other night, they feared he was about to make an announcement, possibly even telling everyone they had to leave. Instead, Kevin went into a karaoke version of "Superman" by Five For Fighting - - and he nailed it!   The internet is exploding with his performance that was recorded - - everyone LOVES it.   Everyone except the Kamloops division of the RCMP - - they refuse to comment on the video...and...

Newswatch Updates

Mock flood emergency unfolds in Milbrook
There was some chaotic "drama" unfolding at the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre as the Red Cross played host to a mock disaster training session. Jesse Thomas was there....

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