Dear Kitten, Something Has Entered The House (It's Called A Dog)
Our family has come to a conclusion. Two months after saying goodbye to the little beagle who stole our hearts for the 15 years she was with us, we realize our home seems really empty without a dog in it.  So, we're opening ourselves up to  bring another 4-legged member into our family.   Everyone's on board - - with one exception.   There's still a question mark about the cat's enthusiasm. Maybe this video will help us explain it to him:  ...

Newswatch Updates

Auto workers say Harper $1B pledge too little too late
One day after signing on to a mega trade deal expected to result in job losses in Canada's auto sector, federal Conservative leader Stephen Harper is making a billion dollar promise to that industry. The announcement was made in Whitby today... not far from Oshawa's GM plant. But auto workers say the promise is too little too late.  Lindsay Dunn reports:...

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