Stunt Double for Emilia Clark on Game of Thrones Could Be Her Twin Sister
It's no secret that most actors do not do their own stunts and the cast of Game of Thrones is no exception. Now, it makes sense that a stunt double would look similar to the actor he or she is filling in for, that is why they were hired. But then there are situations like this where the actor and their double could be related. Emilia Clarke plays Daenary's on Game of Thrones and you won't believe how much her stunt double looks like her! It's almost a little freaky. Emilia's stunt double...

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Petes players awarded
The Peterborough Petes’ 2014/15 year-end banquet took place at the Trentwinds International Centre on Saturday night, officially wrapping up the season that was and ringing in a new campaign as the finale of Saturday’s 2015 Development Camp. The banquet featured an awards ceremony, year-in-review, and speeches by President Jim Devlin, GM Mike Oke, Head Coach Jody Hull, and Assistant Captain Hunter Garlent. The award winners were as follows: Executive Trophy (MVP as voted by teammates)...

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