You've Heard of Sunburns But What About 'Margarita Burns'?
Drinks on a patio with friends is a must come summertime!   But if you are mixing those drinks yourself BEWARE! According to The Atlantic, you can get a nasty chemical burn if you get lime juice on your skin and then sit in the sun.   OUCH! This type of burn has been┬ánicknamed the "margarita burn," BUT it┬ácan also happen after the skin comes in contact with carrots, parsley, and other citrus fruits.     The juices and oils from those plants...

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Kurtis Foster excited to be back with Petes as assistant coach
Former NHLer and Peterborough Pete Kurtis Foster is ready to make the transition from player to coach. He has just been named the newest assistant coach with the Petes. Jesse Thomas caught up with him today and has this story.

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