Wheel of Fortune Fail...Feel bad for her
I would say Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud are my favourite game shows to watch...mainly because I can guess most of the answers. I feel bad for this woman, but at the same time...COME ON!! Nerves must have taken over OR there is an 8th dwarf we didn't know about...  ...

Newswatch Updates

Crown shows video of McGregor's statement to police; last known images of MacKenzie
This week during the Robert McGregor murder trial, police have testified that McGregor told them he was attacked in the Rehill Parking lot near George Street on the morning he was supposed to meet his ex girlfriend Joanne MacKenzie in July 2011. She was found murdered several days later. Yesterday the jury saw video which the Crown argues will refute McGregor's claim. Newswatch has obtained a copy of the video along with video survelliance from the morning of July 2, 2011. Greg Davis...

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