First Look at the David Letterman Special
It's actually pretty sad that a man who has dominated Late Night shows for 33 years is signing off! There will be a David Letterman special on Monday and it will highlight his work. Special guests will make an appearance but you will also see clips from shows....including his first show!  ...

Newswatch Updates

Car crashes into pole forces emergency power outage affecting thousands of customers
More than eight thousand Peterborough Utility customers in Lakefield, along with Curve Lake, Cavendish, Burleigh, Smith, Harvey, Lakehurst, Douro and Buckhorn Townships & Trent University's Symon's campus can expect a power outage now under way to run until about 3:30pm today. A car struck a utility pole Saturday night north of the entrance to Trent University. When emergency crews arrived around 10:30, they discovered the pole snapped at the top, and the car spun around after...

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