Peterborough Circus Artists Performed at Jeremy Bieber's Engagement Party
There was a very local connection to Justin Bieber's Father's engagement party and it was more than that tiger from the Bowmanville Zoo. Circus Artists The PyroFlys, J’s Magic, and members of the Peterborough Academy for Circus Arts & Circus Stellar performed and it looks like Justin was really into it. On May 5th, 6th, and 7th you can get a taste of many of the same performers with Circus Stellar being presented at Market Hall by the Peterborough Academy for Circus Arts. Show times...

Newswatch Updates

Peterborough and local secondary schools re-purpose lumber from ash trees
For several years now, the City of Peterborough has been dealing with the effects of the emerald ash borer.  The city has had to cut down a number of ash trees attacked by the insect....but now they've found a use for the wood.  Steve Guthrie explains. The emerald ash borer attacks the tree through the bark and ends up infesting the thin layer of wood directly next to the bark.  Once the tree is cut down, this layer is removed and destroyed leaving the rest of the wood untouched. Paul Hambidge,...

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